Milyukov, Pavel Nikolayevich

Milyukov or Miliukov, Pavel Nikolayevich both: pä´vĭl nyĭkəlī´əvĭch mēlyo͞okôf´ [key], 1859–1943, Russian political leader and historian. An advocate of parliamentary democracy, he was a founder and leader of the Constitutional Democratic party, organized in 1905, and a member of the duma . After the overthrow of the czarist government in Mar., 1917 (Feb., 1917, O.S.), he became foreign minister in the provisional government of Prince Lvov . His insistence on carrying out Russia's military obligations toward the Allies in World War I made him highly unpopular with the war-weary masses, and in May, 1917, he was forced to resign. An uncompromising opponent of Bolshevism, he settled in Paris after the failure of the counterrevolution against Lenin . Among his historical works is Outlines of Russian Culture (tr., 3 vol., 1942).

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