Sertorius, Quintus

Sertorius, Quintus sûrtôrˈēas [key], d. 72 b.c., Roman general. He was a general under Marius but did not take part in Marius' proscriptions. Sertorius was appointed governor of Farther Spain in 83 b.c. but fled to Africa to escape the reprisals of Sulla. He later was summoned (80 b.c.) to Spain by the Lusitani, who were in rebellion. He was successful even after Metellus Pius (see under Metellus) and Pompey were sent out with new armies, but he was assassinated by Perperna, a disaffected officer. Sertorius had attempted to build a stronger national feeling among the local leaders by founding a senate and a school for their sons. He thus expanded the work of Viriatus. The identification of Sertorius with local interests led, long after, to a mistaken glorification of him as a Portuguese patriot.

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