Arcadius ärkā´dēəs [key], c.377–408, Roman emperor of the East (395–408), son and successor of Theodosius I. His brother, Honorius , inherited (395) the West. Henceforth the division between the Eastern and Western empires became permanent. A weak ruler, Arcadius entrusted the government successively to Rufinus , Eutropius (d.399), and other ministers and was later greatly influenced by his Frankish wife, Eudoxia . During his reign, Greece was invaded (395) by Alaric I who was induced to leave in 397 by Stilicho . Arcadius put down a temporarily successful revolt (399–400) of the Gothic officials and mercenaries in Constantinople. He exiled (404) the patriarch St. John Chrysostom . His son, Theodosius II, succeeded him.

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