Nekhtharheb nĕkht-härˈĕbˌ [key], Gr. Nectanebo II, reigned 359–343, king of ancient Egypt, of the XXX dynasty. With the support of Agesilaus II of Sparta, he overthrew Djedhor (or Tachos) while the pharoah was invading Syria. Nekhtharheb built an all-granite temple at Horbeit, a kiosk at Philae, and statues at Abydos and Bubastis. Persia, which had recovered its strength, bent all its efforts to reconquer Egypt. With Spartan aid Nekhtharheb was able to resist the first attack in 351, but in 343, hopelessly outnumbered, he was defeated and fled to Upper Egypt. He was ancient Egypt's last native ruler.

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