November 2003 Disasters

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  • Nov. 2, Bohorok, Indonesia: Flash floods struck the tourist town of Bohorok, near an Indonesia's nation park and orangutan reserve, wiping out many guesthouses near the river banks and killing more than 150 people. Frequent floods in Indonesia result from the heavy illegal deforestation.
  • Nov. 9, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: After breaching security gates in a Saudi Arabic apartment compound, terrorists denoted 3 bombs, killing 17 and wounding 122. Most of the victims were Arabs.
  • Nov. 15, Istanbul, Turkey: 2 Turkish suicide bombers detonated bombs simultaneously outside of 2 synagogues, the Neve Shalom synagogue and the Beth Israel Synagogue, killing 25 people, 6 Jews and 19 Muslims, and injuring hundreds more. Although direct links with al-Qaeda has not been confirmed, al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility
  • Nov. 20, Istanbul, Turkey: At least 26 people killed and 400 wounded when 2 trucks blow up in Istanbul, Turkey. One truck explodes outside the British consulate, and the other at the British bank HSBC. Al-Qaeda suspected in the bombings. The blasts occur as President Bush was meeting with British prime minister Tony Blair in London.

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