July 2006 Disasters

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  • July 9, Siberia, Russia: a Russian airline S7 Airbus A-310 slid off the end of the runway just after landing in Irkutsk, killing at least 122 people. Initial accounts indicate there may have been brake problems.
  • July 10, Multan, Pakistan: a Pakistan International Airlines Fokker F-27 turboprop crashed minutes after take off, killing all 45 on board.
  • July 11, Mumbai, India: a series of powerful explosions within 11-minute span struck 7 commuter trains and stations in Mumbai during the evening commute and killed at least 190 people and injured 600. No one has claimed responsibility.
  • July 14, Fujian, Guangdong and Hunan provinces, China: tropical storm Bilis flooded the Chinese provinces causing millions to be evacuated and killing more than 500.
  • July 17, Java, Indonesia: a strong 7.7 magnitude earthquake of the south coast of Java triggered a tsunami that killed 730 and displaced tens of thousands from homes and hotels and destroyed many fishing boats.
  • July 19, Europe: record hot weather caused 13 deaths in Europe.
  • mid-July, North Korea: severe floods killed hundreds, perhaps 800–900. North Korea has not officially released information on this disaster.
  • July 16–25, United States: in the warmest summer on record, heat waves and blackouts have contributed to more than 150 related deaths. Storms with heavy winds knocked out power to than 600,000 homes in Missouri leaving many without electricity for more than a week during the heat wave. In the Queens borough of New York City, more than 100,000 were without electricity for up to 9 days. California sweltered under an historic heat wave lasting 11 days that caused more than 56 heat-related deaths.

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