July 2005 Disasters

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  • July 7, London England: four bombs exploded in three subway stations and on one double-decker bus during the morning rush hour, killing 52 people plus 4 bombers, and wounding more than 700. Three of the four suicide bombers were Muslims of ethnic Pakistani origin born in Britain. A group calling itself the Secret Organization of al-Qaeda in Europe claimed responsibility on a web site, asserting that the attacks were a retaliation for Britain's involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This was the first suicide bombing in Western Europe. Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian, was mistakenly shot as one of the suspects. In Sept. a tape by al-Qaeda claimed responsibility.
  • July 10, Pensacola Fl.: Hurricane Dennis made landfall near Pensacola, Florida with 120 mph winds and 10 ft storm surges, leaving thousands without electricity. Dennis killed at least 40 people in Haiti, 16 in Cuba, and 1 in Jamaica as it swept through those islands destroying thousands of homes. Damages in the U.S. estimated at $2 billion with 12 deaths. This was the fifth hurricane to hit Florida in less than a year. The Florida Panhandle was severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.
  • July 13, Ghotki. Pakistan: three trains collide near Ghotki as the Karachi Express driver misread a signal and rammed the Quetta Express. Derailed carriages were then hit by a third train. At least 128 were killed and 170 injured.
  • July 18, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: Hurricane Emily made landfall at Cozumel, a resort town, and blasted the Yucatan Peninsula with 135 mph winds. Thousands lost power and many crops were damaged but the death toll was low due to the emergency measures instituted since Hurricane Gilbert killed 327 people in 1988. Emily was the second Category 4 hurricane this season. Emily swept out to the Gulf of Mexico, regained strength, and returned on July 20th to hit the northeastern coast of Mexico.
  • July 21, London England: four bombs partially detonated but did not explode on three trains and a bus in London exactly two weeks after the July 7th bombings.
  • July 31, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt: Sharm el-Sheikh, an Egyptian resort, was hit by two suicide car bombs and one planted bomb, killing 88. The bombs went off in the Old City Market, the Ghazala Garden Hotel, and a beach parking lot. The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, who are thought to be behind last year's October attack on the Tara Hilton, claimed responsibility, as did another group.
  • July 26, Mumbai, India: a record 37 in of rain fell in Mumbai (Bombay) in a 24 hour period, the most ever recorded in India. A week of relentless monsoon rains left 1,000 dead in western India.
  • July, Phoenix, Ariz.: a heat wave, since the end of June, of above average temperatures is blamed in the deaths of 21 people, of which 18 were homeless.
  • July, Niger: famine caused by drought and locusts have left more than 3.6 million people in Niger facing starvation since November.

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