UN Peacekeeping Missions

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Since 1948 there have been 67 UN peacekeeping operations. Close to 130 nations have contributed personnel at various times, and 115 are currently providing uniformed peacekeepers. As of Aug.31, 2012, there were 15 peacekeeping operations under way with a total of 116,515 personnel. Of the 18,170 civilians serving, 12,573 are local. Total fatalities among the peacekeepers stand at 3,025.

Current UN Peacekeeping Operations

Region/Country Began
Western Sahara (MINURSO) April 1991
Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) June 2010
Cote d'Ivoire (UNOCI) April 2004
Liberia (UNMIL) Sept. 2003
Sudan (UNMIS) March 2005
Darfur (UNAMID) July 2007
Haiti (MINUSTAH) June 2004
ASIA and the Pacific
India/Pakistan (UNMOGIP) Jan. 1949
Timor-Leste (UNMIT) Aug. 2006
Afghanistan (UNAMA)¹ 2006
Cyprus (UNFICYP) March 1964
Kosovo (UNMIK) June 1999
Middle East (UNTSO)) May 1948
Syria (UNDOF) June 1974
Lebanon (UNIFIL) March 1978
¹ UNAMA is a special political mission, directed and supported by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO).

Completed UN Peacekeeping Operations

Region/Country Duration
Congo (ONUC) July 1960-June 1964
Congo (MONUC) Nov. 1999-July 2010
Angola (UNAVEM I) Dec. 1988-May 1991
Aouzou Strip (UNASOG) May-June 1994
Namibia (UNTAG) April 1989-March 1990
Angola (UNAVEM II) May 1991-Feb. 1995
Somalia (UNOSOM I) April 1992-March 1993
Mozambique (ONUMOZ) Dec. 1992-Dec. 1994
Cí´te d'Ivoire (MINUCI) May 2003-April 2004
Somalia (UNOSOM II) March 1993-March 1995
Rwanda/Uganda (UNOMUR) June 1993-Sept. 1994
Liberia (UNOMIL) Sept. 1993-Sept. 1997
Rwanda (UNAMIR) Oct. 1993-March 1996
Angola (UNAVEM III) Feb. 1995-June 1997
Angola (MONUA) June 1997-Feb. 1999
Sierra Leone (UNOMSIL) July 1998-Oct. 1999
Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) Oct. 1999-Dec. 2005
Central African Republic (MINURCA) April 1998-Feb. 2000
Central African Republic and Chad (MINURCAT) Sept. 2007-Dec. 2010
Burundi (ONUB) June 2004-Dec. 2006
Ethiopia/Eritrea (UNMEE) September 2000-July 2008
Dominican Republic (DOMREP) May 1965-Oct. 1966
Central America Observer Group (ONUCA) Nov. 1989-Jan. 1992
El Salvador (ONUSAL) July 1991-April 1995
Haiti (UNMIH) Sept. 1993-June 1996
Haiti (UNSMIH) July 1996-July 1997
Guatemala (MINUGUA) Jan.-May 1997
Haiti (UNTMIH) Aug.-Nov. 1997
Haiti (MIPONUH) Dec. 1997-March 2000
Middle East-1st UN Emergency Force (UNEF I) Nov. 1956-June 1967
Lebanon (UNOGIL) June-Dec. 1958
Yemen (UNYOM) July 1963-Sept. 1964
Middle East-2nd UN  Emergency Force (UNEF II) Oct. 1973-July 1979
Iran/Iraq (UNIIMOG) Aug. 1988-Feb. 1991
Iraq/Kuwait (UNIKOM) April 1991-Oct. 2003
West New Guinea (UNSF) Oct. 1962-April 1963
India/Pakistan (UNIPOM) Sept. 1965-March 1966
Afghanistan/Pakistan (UNGOMAP) May 1988-March 1990
Cambodia (UNAMIC) Oct. 1991-March 1992
Cambodia (UNTAC) March 1992-Sept. 1993
Tajikistan (UNMOT) Dec. 1994-May 2000
East Timor (UNTAET) Oct. 1999-May 2002
East Timor (UNMISET) May 2002-May 2005
Former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR) Feb. 1992-March 1995
Croatia (UNCRO) March 1995-Jan. 1996
Former Yugoslavia (UNPREDEP) 
Rep. of Macedonia
March 1995-Feb. 1999
Bosnia & Herzegovina (UNMIBH) Dec. 1995-Dec. 2002
Georgia (UNOMIG) Aug. 1993-June 2009
Croatia (UNTAES) Jan. 1996-Jan. 1998
Prevlaka Peninsula (UNMOP) Feb. 1996-Dec. 2002
Croatia (UNPSG) Jan. 1998-Oct. 1998
Source: United Nations Dept. of Public Information.





Source: United Nations Dept. of Public Information.



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