Meaning of whiff


Pronunciation: (hwif, wif), [key]
  1. to blow or come in whiffs or puffs, as wind or smoke.
  2. to inhale or exhale whiffs, as in smoking tobacco.
  3. (of a batter) to strike out by swinging at and missing the pitch charged as the third strike.
  1. to blow or drive with a whiff or puff, as the wind does.
  2. to inhale or exhale (air, tobacco smoke, etc.) in whiffs.
  3. to smoke (a pipe, cigar, etc.).
  4. (of a pitcher) to cause (a batter) to whiff.


Pronunciation: (hwif, wif), [key]
  1. any of several flatfishes having both eyes on the left side of the head, of the genus Citharichthys, as C. cornutusinhabiting Atlantic waters from New England to Brazil. Cf.
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