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Pronunciation: (wôr'dn), [key]
— n.
  1. a person charged with the care or custody of persons, animals, or things; keeper.
  2. the chief administrative officer in charge of a prison.
  3. any of various public officials charged with superintendence, as over a port or wildlife.
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  6. (in Connecticut) the chief executive officer of a borough.
  7. (formerly) the principal official in a region, town, etc.
  8. Warden of Merton College.
    1. (cap.) a traditional title of the president or governor of certain schools and colleges:Warden of Merton College.
    2. a member of a livery company of the City of London.
  9. the head of certain county or local councils.
  10. a member of the governing body of a guild.
  11. a churchwarden.
  12. a gatekeeper.


Pronunciation: (wôr'dn), [key]
— n. Brit.
  1. any of several pears having a crisp, firm flesh, used in cookery.
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