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Pronunciation: (vik-tôr'ē-u, -tōr'- for 3 also Sp. bēk-tô'ryä), [key]
— n.
  1. the ancient Roman goddess of victory, identified with the Greek goddess Nike.
  2. 1819–1901, queen of Great Britain 1837–1901; empress of India 1876–1901.
  3. (Manuel Félix Fernández), 1789–1843, Mexican military and political leader: first president of the republic 1824–29.
  4. 1548–1611, Spanish composer.
  5. Also calleda seaport in and the capital of the Hong Kong colony, on the N coast of Hong Kong island, facing the seaport of Kowloon. 1,100,000.
  6. a state in SE Australia. 3,832,443; 87,884 sq. mi. (227,620 sq. km). Cap.: Melbourne.
  7. a seaport in and the capital of British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, in SW Canada. 62,551.
  8. a city in S Texas. 50,695.
  9. a former name of
  10. a port in and the capital of the Seychelles. 13,736.
  11. Also calleda lake in E central Africa, in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya: second largest freshwater lake in the world; source of the White Nile. 26,828 sq. mi. (69,485 sq. km).
  12. a mountain on E New Guinea, in SE Papua New Guinea, in the Owen Stanley Range. 13,240 ft. (4036 m).
  13. (l.c.) a low, light, four-wheeled carriage with a calash top, a seat for two passengers, and a perch in front for the driver.
  14. (l.c.) an open touring car having a folding top that usually covers only the rear seat.
  15. (l.c.) any of several large-leaved water lilies of the genus Victoria. Cf.
  16. a female given name.
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