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Pronunciation: (un-dres'), [key]
— v., n., adj. -dressed -drest, -dress•ing,
  1. to take the clothes off (a person); disrobe.
  2. to remove the dressing from (a wound, sore, etc.).
  3. to strip or divest of or as if of a covering; expose: to undress a pretense.
  1. to take off one's clothes.
  1. dress of a style designed to be worn on other than highly formal or ceremonial occasions; informal dress, as opposed to full dress.
  2. dress of a style not designed to be worn in public; dishabille; negligee: She couldn't receive guests in such a state of undress.
  3. the condition of being unclothed; nakedness.
  1. of or pertaining to clothing of a style less formal than full dress: undress uniform.
  2. characterized by informality of dress, manners, or the like: an undress dinner party.
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