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Pronunciation: (trench), [key]
— n.
  1. a long, narrow excavation in the ground, the earth from which is thrown up in front to serve as a shelter from enemy fire or attack.
  2. a system of such excavations, with their embankments, etc.
  3. a deep furrow, ditch, or cut.
  4. a long, steep-sided, narrow depression in the ocean floor.
  1. to surround or fortify with trenches; entrench.
  2. to cut a trench in.
  3. to set or place in a trench.
  4. to form (a furrow, ditch, etc.) by cutting into or through something.
  5. to make a cut in; cut into; carve.
  1. to dig a trench.
  2. His remarks were trenching on poor taste.
    1. to encroach or infringe on.
    2. to come close to; verge on:His remarks were trenching on poor taste.


Pronunciation: (trench), [key]
  1. 1807–86, English clergyman and scholar, born in Ireland.
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