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Pronunciation: (tramp), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to tread or walk with a firm, heavy, resounding step.
  2. to tread heavily or trample (usually fol. by on or upon): to tramp on a person's toes.
  3. to walk steadily; march; trudge.
  4. to go on a walking excursion or expedition; hike.
  5. to go about as a vagabond or tramp.
  6. to make a voyage on a tramp steamer.
  1. to tramp or walk heavily or steadily through or over.
  2. to traverse on foot: to tramp the streets.
  3. to tread or trample underfoot: to tramp grapes.
  4. to travel over as a tramp.
  5. to run (a ship) as a tramp steamer.
  1. the act of tramping.
  2. a firm, heavy, resounding tread.
  3. the sound made by such a tread.
  4. a long, steady walk; trudge.
  5. a walking excursion or expedition; hike.
  6. a person who travels on foot from place to place, esp. a vagabond living on occasional jobs or gifts of money or food.
  7. a sexually promiscuous woman; prostitute.
  8. a freight vessel that does not run regularly between fixed ports, but takes a cargo wherever shippers desire. Cf. cargo liner.
  9. a piece of iron affixed to the sole of a shoe.
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