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Pronunciation: (trā'sur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person or thing that traces.
  2. a person whose business or work is the tracing of missing property, parcels, persons, etc.
  3. an inquiry sent from point to point to trace a missing shipment, parcel, or the like, as in a transportation system.
  4. any of various devices for tracing drawings, plans, etc.
  5. Also called trac&prim;er ammuni&sec;tion. ammunition containing a chemical substance that causes a projectile to trail smoke or fire so as to make its path visible and indicate a target to other firers, esp. at night.
  6. the chemical substance contained in such ammunition.
  7. a substance, esp. a radioactive one, traced through a biological, chemical, or physical system in order to study the system.
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