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Pronunciation: (tuch), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to put the hand, finger, etc., on or into contact with (something) to feel it: He touched the iron cautiously.
  2. to come into contact with and perceive (something), as the hand or the like does.
  3. to bring (the hand, finger, etc., or something held) into contact with something: She touched a match to the papers.
  4. to give a slight tap or pat to with the hand, finger, etc.; strike or hit gently or lightly.
  5. to come into or be in contact with.
  6. (of a line or surface) to be tangent to.
  7. to be adjacent to or border on.
  8. to come up to; reach; attain.
  9. to attain equality with; compare with (usually used with a negative): a style that cannot touch that of Shakespeare.
  10. to mark by strokes of the brush, pencil, or the like.
  11. to mark or relieve slightly, as with color: a gray dress touched with blue.
  12. to stop at (a place), as a ship: The ship touched shore several times during the cruise.
  13. to treat or affect in some way by contact.
  14. to affect as if by contact; tinge; imbue.
  15. to affect with some feeling or emotion, esp. tenderness, pity, gratitude, etc.: Their sufferings touched his heart.
  16. to handle, use, or have to do with in any way (usually used with a negative): She can't touch the money until she's 21.
  17. to eat or drink; consume; taste (usually used with a negative): He won't touch another drink.
  18. to lay hands on, often in a violent manner: Don't you touch this child!
  19. to deal with or treat in speech or writing.
  20. to refer or allude to.
  21. to pertain or relate to: a critic in all matters touching the kitchen.
  22. to be a matter of importance to; make a difference to; affect: This grave decision touches all of us.
  23. to stamp (metal) as being of standard purity.
  24. to apply to for money, or succeed in getting money from: He touched me for five dollars.
  25. to steal from.
    1. to strike the strings, keys, etc., of (a musical instrument) so as to cause it to sound.
    2. to play or perform (an air, notes, etc.) on a musical instrument.
  1. to place the hand, finger, etc., on or in contact with something.
  2. to come into or be in contact.
  3. to make a stop or a short call at a place, as a ship or those on board (usually fol. by at).
  4. See base (def. 29).
  5. (of an airplane) to come into contact with the ground; land.
  6. This incident will touch off another crisis.
    1. to represent or characterize precisely.
    2. to cause to ignite or explode.
    3. to give rise to; initiate:This incident will touch off another crisis.
  7. In his lecture he touched on the major aspects of the controversy.
    1. to mention a subject briefly or casually; treat of in passing:In his lecture he touched on the major aspects of the controversy.
    2. to come close to; approach.
    3. to relate or pertain to.
  8. This should touch up your memory.
    1. to make minor changes or improvements in the appearance of.
    2. to modify or improve (a painting, photograph, etc.) by adding small strokes or making slight changes.
    3. to rouse by or as if by striking:This should touch up your memory.
  1. the act or state of touching; state or fact of being touched.
  2. that sense by which anything material is perceived by means of physical contact.
  3. the quality of something touched that imparts a sensation: an object with a slimy touch.
  4. a coming into or being in contact.
  5. mental or moral perception, sensitivity, or understanding: He has a marvelous touch in dealing with people.
  6. ability, skill, or dexterity; knack: to lose one's touch.
  7. the contact of the point of a foil or épée or the point or edge of the blade of a saber with a specified portion of the opponent's body, counting one point for the scorer.
  8. close communication, agreement, sympathy, or the like: to be out of touch with reality; Let's keep in touch.
  9. a slight stroke or blow.
  10. a slight attack, as of illness or disease: a touch of rheumatism.
  11. a slight added action or effort in doing or completing any piece of work: to provide the finishing touches.
  12. manner of execution in artistic work.
  13. the act or manner of touching or fingering a keyboard instrument.
  14. the mode of action of the keys of an instrument, as of a piano or typewriter.
  15. a partial series of changes on a peal of bells.
  16. a stroke or dash, as with a brush, pencil, or pen.
  17. a detail in any artistic work.
  18. a slight amount of some quality, attribute, etc.: a touch of sarcasm in his voice.
  19. a slight quantity or degree: a touch of salt.
  20. a distinguishing characteristic or trait: the touch of the master.
  21. quality or kind in general.
  22. an act of testing something.
  23. something that serves as a test; touchstone.
  24. I can always hit him for ten—he's an easy touch.
    1. the act of approaching someone for money as a gift or a loan.
    2. the obtaining of money in this manner.
    3. the money obtained.
    4. a person considered from the standpoint of the relative ease with which he or she will lend money:I can always hit him for ten—he's an easy touch.
  25. theft.
    1. an official mark put upon precious metal after testing to indicate its purity.
    2. a die, stamp, or the like for impressing such a mark.
    3. an identifying mark impressed on pewter by its maker.
  26. the area outside the touchlines.
  27. either of the touchlines or the area outside of the touchlines.
  28. to try to borrow money from: Willie put the touch on me for another ten last night.
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