Meaning of think


Pronunciation: (thingk), [key]
— v., adj., n. thought, think•ing,
  1. to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc.
  2. to employ one's mind rationally and objectively in evaluating or dealing with a given situation: Think carefully before you begin.
  3. to have a certain thing as the subject of one's thoughts: I was thinking about you. We could think of nothing else.
  4. to call something to one's conscious mind: I couldn't think of his phone number.
  5. to consider something as a possible action, choice, etc.: She thought about cutting her hair.
  6. to invent or conceive of something: We thought of a new plan.
  7. to have consideration or regard for someone: Think of others first.
  8. to esteem a person or thing as indicated: to think badly of someone.
  9. to have a belief or opinion as indicated: I think so.
  10. (of a device or machine, esp. a computer) to use artificial intelligence to perform an activity analogous to human thought.
  1. to have or form in the mind as an idea, conception, etc.
  2. to consider for evaluation or for possible action upon: Think the deal over.
  3. to regard as specified: He thought me unkind.
  4. to believe to be true of someone or something: to think evil of the neighbors.
  5. to analyze or evolve rationally: to think the problem out.
  6. to have as a plan or intention: I thought that I would go.
  7. to anticipate or expect: I did not think to find you here.
  8. to change one's mind about; reconsider: She considered emigrating to Australia, but thought better of it.
  9. to consider advisable or appropriate: By all means, take a vacation if you think fit.
  10. See(def. 17).
  11. When one thinks of what the future may bring, one is both worried and hopeful.
    1. to conceive of; imagine.
    2. to have an opinion or judgment of.
    3. to consider; anticipate:When one thinks of what the future may bring, one is both worried and hopeful.
  12. He thought out a plan for saving time.
    1. to think about until a conclusion is reached; understand or solve by thinking.
    2. to devise by thinking; contrive:He thought out a plan for saving time.
  13. to weigh carefully before acting; consider: I would think twice before taking on such a responsibility.
  14. to devise or contrive by thinking: Can you think up an arrangement of furniture for this room?
  1. of or pertaining to thinking or thought.
  2. stimulating or challenging to the intellect or mind:Cf. the think book of the year.
  1. the act or a period of thinking: I want to sit down and give it a good think.


Pronunciation: (thingk), [key]
— thought, think•ing.
  1. to seem or appear (usually used impersonally with a dative as the subject). Cf.
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