Meaning of tend


Pronunciation: (tend), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to be disposed or inclined in action, operation, or effect to do something: The particles tend to unite.
  2. to be disposed toward an idea, emotion, way of thinking, etc.: He tends to be overly optimistic. Her religious philosophy tends toward pantheism.
  3. to lead or conduce, as to some result or resulting condition: measures tending to improved working conditions; Governments are tending toward democracy.
  4. to be inclined to or have a tendency toward a particular quality, state, or degree: This wine tends toward the sweet side.
  5. (of a journey, course, road, etc.) to lead or be directed in a particular direction (usually fol. by to, toward, etc.): a path tending toward the beach.


Pronunciation: (tend), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to attend to by work or services, care, etc.: to tend a fire.
  2. to look after; watch over and care for; minister to or wait on with service: to tend the sick.
  3. to handle or attend to (a rope).
  1. to attend by action, care, etc. (usually fol. by to).
  2. to attend or wait upon; minister to; serve: She tended on the sick and dying with infinite compassion.
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