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Pronunciation: (tē), [key]
— n.
  1. the letter T or t.
  2. something shaped like aas a three-way joint used in fitting pipes together.
  3. T-bar.
  4. T-shirt.
  5. the mark aimed at in various games, as curling.
  6. See(def. 6).
  1. having a crosspiece at the top; shaped like a


Pronunciation: (tē), [key]
— n., v., teed, tee•ing.
    1. Also calledteeing ground.the starting place, usually a hard mound of earth, at the beginning of play for each hole.
    2. a small wooden, plastic, metal, or rubber peg from which the ball is driven, as in teeing off.
  1. a device on which the ball may be placed to raise it off the ground preparatory to kicking.
  1. to place (the ball) on a tee.
  2. He teed off on his son for wrecking the car.
    1. Golf.to strike the ball from a tee.
    2. Slang.to reprimand severely; scold:He teed off on his son for wrecking the car.
    3. Informal.to begin:They teed off the program with a medley of songs.
    4. Baseball,Softball.to make many runs and hits, esp. extra-base hits:teeing off for six runs on eight hits, including three doubles and a home run.
    5. Baseball,Softball.to hit (a pitched ball) hard and far:He teed off on a fastball and drove it into the bleachers.
    6. Boxing.to strike with a powerful blow, esp. to the head:He teed off on his opponent with an overhand right.
    7. Slang.to make angry, irritated, or disgusted:She was teed off because her dinner guests were late.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. Trans-Europe Express.
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