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Pronunciation: (suk-sēd'), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to happen or terminate according to desire; turn out successfully; have the desired result: Our efforts succeeded.
  2. to thrive, prosper, grow, or the like: Grass will not succeed in this dry soil.
  3. to accomplish what is attempted or intended: We succeeded in our efforts to start the car.
  4. to attain success in some popularly recognized form, as wealth or standing: The class voted him the one most likely to succeed.
  5. to follow or replace another by descent, election, appointment, etc. (often fol. by to).
  6. to come next after something else in an order or series.
  1. to come after and take the place of, as in an office or estate.
  2. to come next after in an order or series, or in the course of events; follow.
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