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Pronunciation: (sput'ur), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to make explosive popping or sizzling sounds.
  2. to emit particles, sparks, etc., forcibly or explosively, esp. accompanied by sputtering sounds.
  3. to eject particles of saliva, food, etc., from the mouth in a light spray, as when speaking angrily or excitedly.
  4. to utter or spit out words or sounds explosively or incoherently, as when angry or flustered.
  1. to emit (anything) forcibly and in small particles, as if by spitting: The fire sputtered cinders.
  2. to eject (saliva, food, etc.) in small particles explosively and involuntarily, as in excitement.
  3. to utter explosively and incoherently.
  1. the act or sound of sputtering.
  2. explosive, incoherent utterance.
  3. matter ejected in sputtering.
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