Meaning of souffle


Pronunciation: (s'ful), [key]
— n. Pathol.
  1. a murmuring or blowing sound heard on auscultation.


Pronunciation: (s-flā', s'flā), [key]
— n., adj., v., -fléed, -flé•ing.
  1. a light baked dish made fluffy with beaten egg whites combined with egg yolks, white sauce, and fish, cheese, or other ingredients.
  2. a similar dish made with fruit juices, chocolate, vanilla, etc., and served as dessert.
  1. puffed up; made light, as by beating and cooking.
  1. to make (food) puffed up and light, as by beating and cooking, adding stiffly beaten egg whites, etc.; make resemble a soufflé: to soufflé leftover mashed potatoes.
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