Meaning of soldier


Pronunciation: (sōl'jur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person who serves in an army; a person engaged in military service.
  2. an enlisted man or woman, as distinguished from a commissioned officer: the soldiers' mess and the officers' mess.
  3. a person of military skill or experience: George Washington was a great soldier.
  4. a person who contends or serves in any cause: a soldier of the Lord.
  5. Also calleda low-ranking member of a crime organization or syndicate.
  6. a member of a caste of sexually underdeveloped female ants or termites specialized, as with powerful jaws, to defend the colony from invaders.
  7. a brick laid vertically with the narrower long face out. Cf.(def. 2).
  8. a person who avoids work or pretends to work; loafer; malingerer.
  1. to act or serve as a soldier.
  2. to loaf while pretending to work; malinger: He was soldiering on the job.
  3. to persist steadfastly in one's work; persevere: to soldier on until the work is done.
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