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Pronunciation: (sky), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to turn aside or swerve; take an oblique course.
  2. to look obliquely; squint.
  1. to give an oblique direction to; shape, form, or cut obliquely.
  2. to make conform to a specific concept, attitude, or planned result; slant: The television show is skewed to the young teenager.
  3. to distort; depict unfairly.
  1. having an oblique direction or position; slanting.
  2. having a part that deviates from a straight line, right angle, etc.: skew gearing.
  3. (of a dyad or dyadic) equal to the negative of its conjugate.
  4. (of an arch, bridge, etc.) having the centerline of its opening forming an oblique angle with the direction in which its spanning structure is built.
  5. (of a distribution) having skewness.
  1. an oblique movement, direction, or position.
  2. Also calleda wood chisel having a cutting edge set obliquely.
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