Meaning of second hand

sec•ond hand

Pronunciation: (sek'und hand" for 1 sek'und hand' for 2, 3), [key]
  1. the hand that indicates the seconds on a clock or watch.
  2. an assistant or helper, as to a worker or foreman.
  3. from or through an intermediate source or means; secondhand: She had the news at second hand.


Pronunciation: (sek'und-hand'), [key]
— adj.
  1. not directly known or experienced; obtained from others or from books: Most of our knowledge is secondhand.
  2. previously used or owned: secondhand clothes.
  3. dealing in previously used goods: a secondhand bookseller.
  1. after another user or owner: He bought it secondhand.
  2. indirectly; at second hand: He heard the news secondhand.
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