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Pronunciation: (v.ri-bound', rē'bound'n.rē'bound&sec, ri-bound'), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to bound or spring back from force of impact.
  2. to recover, as from ill health or discouragement.
  3. to gain hold of rebounds: a forward who rebounds well off the offensive board.
  1. to cause to bound back; cast back.
  2. to gain hold of (a rebound): The guard rebounded the ball in backcourt.
  1. the act of rebounding; recoil.
    1. a ball that bounces off the backboard or the rim of the basket.
    2. an instance of gaining hold of such a ball.
  2. a puck that bounces off the gear or person of a goalkeeper attempting to make a save.
  3. He hit the ball on the rebound.
    1. after bouncing off the ground, a wall, etc.:He hit the ball on the rebound.
    2. after being rejected by another:She didn't really love him; she married him on the rebound.
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