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Pronunciation: (pur-s'), [key]
— v., -sued, -su•ing.
  1. to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, etc.; chase.
  2. to follow close upon; go with; attend: Bad luck pursued him.
  3. to strive to gain; seek to attain or accomplish (an end, object, purpose, etc.).
  4. to proceed in accordance with (a method, plan, etc.).
  5. to carry on or continue (a course of action, a train of thought, an inquiry, studies, etc.).
  6. to continue to annoy, afflict, or trouble.
  7. to practice (an occupation, pastime, etc.).
  8. to continue to discuss (a subject, topic, etc.).
  9. to follow: They pursued the river to its source. I felt their eyes pursuing me.
  10. to continue; go on with (one's course, a journey, etc.).
  1. to follow in pursuit.
  2. to continue.
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