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Pronunciation: (prompt), [key]
— adj., v., n. -er, -est,
  1. done, performed, delivered, etc., at once or without delay: a prompt reply.
  2. ready in action; quick to act as occasion demands.
  3. quick or alert: prompt to take offense.
  4. punctual.
  1. to move or induce to action: What prompted you to say that?
  2. to occasion or incite; inspire: What prompted his resignation?
  3. to assist (a person speaking) by suggesting something to be said.
  4. to supply (an actor, singer, etc.) from offstage with a missed cue or forgotten line.
  1. to supply forgotten lines, lyrics, or the like to an actor, singer, etc.
    1. a limit of time given for payment for merchandise purchased, the limit being stated on a note of reminder(prompt&prim; note&sec;).
    2. the contract setting the time limit.
  1. the act of prompting.
  2. something serving to suggest or remind.
  3. a message or symbol from a computer system to a user, generally appearing on a display screen, requesting more information or indicating that the system is ready for user instructions.
  4. (in acting) to move or speak in response to a cue.
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