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Pronunciation: (plungk), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to pluck (a stringed instrument or its strings); twang: to plunk a guitar.
  2. to throw, push, put, drop, etc., heavily or suddenly; plump (often fol. by down): Plunk down your money. She plunked herself down on the seat.
  3. to push, shove, toss, etc. (sometimes fol. by in, over, etc.): to plunk the ball over the net; to plunk a pencil into a drawer.
  1. to give forth a twanging sound.
  2. to drop heavily or suddenly; plump (often fol. by down): to plunk down somewhere and take a nap.
  1. act or sound of plunking.
  2. a direct, forcible blow.
  3. a dollar.
  1. with a plunking sound.
  2. squarely; exactly: The tennis ball landed plunk in the middle of the net.
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