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Pronunciation: (ō"vur-drô'), [key]
— v., -drew, -drawn, -draw•ing.
  1. to draw upon (an account, allowance, etc.) in excess of the balance standing to one's credit or at one's disposal: It was the first time he had ever overdrawn his account.
  2. to strain, as a bow, by drawing too far.
  3. to exaggerate in drawing, depicting, portraying, or describing: The author has overdrawn the villain to the point of absurdity.
  1. to overdraw an account or the like: It ruins one's credit to overdraw frequently at a bank.
  2. (of a stove, fireplace, etc.) to draw excessively; have too strong an updraft: When the flue overdraws, all the heat goes right up the chimney.
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