Meaning of meet


Pronunciation: (mēt), [key]
— v., n. met, meet•ing,
  1. to come upon; come into the presence of; encounter: I would meet him on the street at unexpected moments.
  2. to become acquainted with; be introduced to: I've never met your cousin.
  3. to join at an agreed or designated place or time: Meet me in St. Louis.
  4. to be present at the arrival of: to meet a train.
  5. to come to or before (one's notice, or a means of noticing, as the eyes or ears): A peculiar sight met my eyes.
  6. to come into the company of (a person, group, etc.) in dealings, conference, etc.
  7. to face, eye, etc., directly or without avoidance.
  8. to come into physical contact, juxtaposition, or collision with: The two cars met each other head-on at high speed.
  9. to encounter in opposition, conflict, or contest: Harvard meets Yale next week in football.
  10. to oppose: to meet charges with countercharges.
  11. to cope or deal effectively with (an objection, difficulty, etc.).
  12. to comply with; fulfill; satisfy: to meet a deadline; to meet a demand.
  13. to pay in full: How will you meet expenses?
  14. to come into conformity with (wishes, expectations, views, etc.).
  15. to encounter in experience: to meet hostility.
  1. to come together, face to face, or into company: We met on the street.
  2. to assemble for action, conference, or other common purpose, as a committee, legislature, or class: The board of directors will meet on Tuesday.
  3. to become personally acquainted.
  4. to come into contact or form a junction, as lines, planes, or areas: The two lines meet to form an angle.
  5. to be conjoined or united.
  6. to concur or agree.
  7. to come together in opposition or conflict, as adversaries or hostile forces.
  8. Despite their differences, the union and the company finally agreed to meet halfway and settle their dispute.
    1. to concede in part, as to the demands of an opposing faction; make concessions, as to another person; compromise:Despite their differences, the union and the company finally agreed to meet halfway and settle their dispute.
    2. to anticipate another's actions and conduct oneself accordingly.
  9. to meet with opposition.
    1. to come across; encounter:to meet with opposition.
    2. to experience; undergo; receive:The visitors met with courtesy during their stay.
    3. to join, as for conference or instruction:I met with her an hour a day until we solved the problem.
  10. welcome.
  1. an assembly, as of persons and hounds for a hunt or swimmers or runners for a race or series of races: a track meet.
  2. those assembled.
  3. the place of such an assembling.
  4. intersection (def. 3a).


Pronunciation: (mēt), [key]
— adj.
  1. suitable; fitting; proper.
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