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Pronunciation: (maks), [key]
— Slang. Slang.
  1. maximum.
  2. to the greatest or furthest degree; totally: That book is disgusting to the max.
  1. maximum.
  1. maximally.
  1. In her last job she maxed out at $25,000 a year.
    1. to reach a point at which no more improvement, profit, or benefit can occur; level off:In her last job she maxed out at $25,000 a year.
    2. to reach the limit of one's capacity, endurance, etc.:The sales department has maxed out and needs more personnel to call on new clients.


Pronunciation: (maks), [key]
— n.
  1. a male given name, form of


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. Cinemax (a cable television channel).


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. maximum.
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