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Pronunciation: (man'tl), [key]
— n., v., -tled, -tling.
  1. a loose, sleeveless cloak or cape.
  2. something that covers, envelops, or conceals: the mantle of darkness.
  3. the portion of the earth, about 1800 mi. (2900 km) thick, between the crust and the core. Cf. (def. 10),(def. 6).
  4. a single or paired outgrowth of the body wall that lines the inner surface of the valves of the shell in mollusks and brachiopods.
  5. a chemically prepared, incombustible network hood for a gas jet, kerosene wick, etc., that, when the jet or wick is lighted, becomes incandescent and gives off a brilliant light.
  6. the back, scapular, and inner wing plumage, esp. when of the same color and distinct from other plumage.
  7. mantel.
  8. a continuous beam set on a ring of columns and supporting the upper brickwork of a blast furnace in such a way that the brickwork of the hearth and bosh may be readily replaced.
  1. to cover with or as if with a mantle; envelop; conceal.
  1. to spread or cover a surface, as a blush over the face.
  2. to flush; blush.
  3. (of a hawk) to spread out one wing and then the other over the corresponding outstretched leg.
  4. to be or become covered with a coating, as a liquid; foam: The champagne mantled in the glass.


Pronunciation: (man'tl), [key]
— n.
  1. born 1931, U.S. baseball player.
  2. 1873–1948, U.S. journalist.
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