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Pronunciation: (lik), [key]
  1. to move quickly or lightly.
  2. &hasp;). See(def. 10).
  3. to bring to completion or perfection through discipline, hard work, etc.: They needed another rehearsal to lick the production into shape.
  4. See (def. 7).
  5. See(def. 4).
  6. See(def. 16).
  7. to lap up; devour greedily.
  1. a stroke of the tongue over something.
  2. as much as can be taken up by one stroke of the tongue.
  3. See
    1. a blow.
    2. a brief, brisk burst of activity or energy.
    3. a quick pace or clip; speed.
    4. a small amount: I haven't done a lick of work all week.
  4. Usually, licks. a critical or complaining remark.
  5. Usually, licks.a musical phrase, as by a soloist in improvising.
  6. a final turn or opportunity: We got in our last licks on the tennis court before the vacation ended.
  7. a hasty and perfunctory performance in doing something: I didn't have time to clean thoroughly, so I gave the room a lick and a promise.
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