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Pronunciation: (lôr'ul, lor'-), [key]
— n., v., -reled, -rel•ing -relled, -rel•ling.
  1. Also calleda small European evergreen tree, Laurus nobilis, of the laurel family, having dark, glossy green leaves. Cf. laurel family.
  2. any tree of the genus Laurus.
  3. any of various similar trees or shrubs, as the mountain laurel or the great rhododendron.
  4. the foliage of the laurel as an emblem of victory or distinction.
  5. a branch or wreath of laurel foliage.
  6. Usually,honor won, as for achievement in a field or activity.
  7. to be alert to the possibility of being excelled or surpassed: New developments in the industry are forcing long-established firms to look to their laurels.
  8. to be content with one's past or present honors, achievements, etc.: He retired at the peak of his career and is resting on his laurels.
  1. to adorn or wreathe with laurel.
  2. to honor with marks of distinction.


Pronunciation: (lôr'ul, lor'-), [key]
— n.
  1. (Arthur Stanley Jefferson), 1890–1965, U.S. motion-picture actor and comedian, born in England.
  2. a city in SE Mississippi. 21,897.
  3. a town in central Maryland. 12,103.
  4. a female given name.
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