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Pronunciation: (hôl), [key]
— n.
  1. a corridor or passageway in a building.
  2. the large entrance room of a house or building; vestibule; lobby.
  3. a large room or building for public gatherings; auditorium: convention hall; concert hall.
  4. a large building for residence, instruction, or other purposes, at a college or university.
  5. a college at a university.
  6. (in English colleges)
    1. a large room in which the members and students dine.
    2. dinner in such a room.
  7. a mansion or large residence, esp. one on a large estate.
  8. See
  9. the chief room in a medieval castle or similar structure, used for eating, sleeping, and entertaining.
  10. the castle, house, or similar structure of a medieval chieftain or noble.
  11. (older use). the living room or family room of a house.


Pronunciation: (hôl), [key]
— n.
  1. 1829–1907, U.S. astronomer: discovered the satellites of Mars.
  2. 1821–71, U.S. Arctic explorer.
  3. 1863–1914, U.S. chemist, metallurgist, and manufacturer.
  4. born 1928, U.S. poet and editor.
  5. 1846–1924, U.S. psychologist and educator.
  6. 1887–1951, U.S. novelist.
  7. 1748–1807, U.S. clergyman and abolitionist, born in Barbados: fought at Bunker Hill.
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