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Pronunciation: (grip), [key]
— n., v., gripped gript, grip•ping.
  1. the act of grasping; a seizing and holding fast; firm grasp.
  2. the power of gripping: He has a strong grip.
  3. a grasp, hold, or control.
  4. mental or intellectual hold: to have a good grip on a problem.
  5. competence or firmness in dealing with situations in one's work or personal affairs: The boss is old and is losing his grip.
  6. a special mode of clasping hands: Members of the club use the secret grip.
  7. something that seizes and holds, as a clutching device on a cable car.
  8. a handle or hilt: That knife has a very unusual grip.
  9. a sudden, sharp pain; spasm of pain.
  10. grippe.
  11. a small traveling bag.
    1. Theat.a stagehand, esp. one who works on the stage floor.
    2. Motion Pictures,Television.a general assistant available on a film set for shifting scenery, moving furniture, etc.
  12. She had never come to grips with such a situation before.
    1. to encounter; meet; cope with:She had never come to grips with such a situation before.
    2. to deal with directly or firmly:We didn't come to grips with the real problem.
  1. to grasp or seize firmly; hold fast: We gripped the sides of the boat as the waves tossed us about.
  2. to take hold on; hold the interest of: to grip the mind.
  3. to attach by a grip or clutch.
  1. to take firm hold; hold fast.
  2. to take hold on the mind.
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