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Pronunciation: (flangk), [key]
— n.
  1. the side of an animal or a person between the ribs and hip.
  2. the thin piece of flesh constituting this part.
  3. a slice of meat from the flank of an animal.
  4. the side of anything, as of a building.
  5. the extreme right or left side of an army or fleet, or a subdivision of an army or fleet.
    1. the right or left side of a work or fortification.
    2. the part of a bastion that extends from the curtain to the face and protects the curtain and the opposite face. See diag. underbastion.
  6. (on a screw thread or the like) either of the two vertical inclined surfaces between the crest and the root.
  1. to stand or be placed or posted at the flank or side of.
  2. to defend or guard at the flank.
  3. to menace or attack the flank of.
  4. to pass around or turn the flank of.
  1. to occupy a position at the flank or side.
  2. to present the flank or side.
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