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Pronunciation: (en-gāj'), [key]
— v., -gaged, -gag•ing.
  1. to occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons): He engaged her in conversation.
  2. to secure for aid, employment, use, etc.; hire: to engage a worker; to engage a room.
  3. to attract and hold fast: The novel engaged her attention and interest.
  4. to attract or please: His good nature engages everyone.
  5. to bind, as by pledge, promise, contract, or oath; make liable: He engaged himself to repay his debt within a month.
  6. to betroth (usually used in the passive): They were engaged last week.
  7. to bring (troops) into conflict; enter into conflict with: Our army engaged the enemy.
  8. to cause (gears or the like) to become interlocked; interlock with.
  9. to attach or secure.
  10. to entangle or involve.
  1. to occupy oneself; become involved: to engage in business or politics.
  2. to take employment: She engaged in her mother's business.
  3. to pledge one's word; assume an obligation: I was unwilling to engage on such terms.
  4. to cross weapons; enter into conflict: The armies engaged early in the morning.
  5. (of gears or the like) to interlock.


Pronunciation: (Fr. än-ga-zhā'), [key]
— adj.
  1. choosing to involve oneself in or commit oneself to something: Some of the political activists grew less engagé as the years passed.
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