Derwent: Meaning and Definition of


Pronunciation: (dûr'wunt), [key]
— n.
  1. a river flowing N and W into Solway Firth, in N England. ab. 33 mi. (53 km) long.
  2. a river flowing S and SE past Derby to the Trent, in central England. ab. 60 mi. (95 km) long.
  3. a river flowing into the Ouse, in Yorkshire in NE England. ab. 57 mi. (91 km) long.
  4. a river flowing NE to the Tyne, in N England. ab. 30 mi. (48 km) long.
  5. a river in S Australia, in S Tasmania, flowing SE to the Tasman Sea. 107 mi. (170 km) long.
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