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Pronunciation: (dek), [key]
— n.
  1. Our stateroom was on B deck.
    1. a floorlike surface wholly or partially occupying one level of a hull, superstructure, or deckhouse, generally cambered, and often serving as a member for strengthening the structure of a vessel.
    2. the space between such a surface and the next such surface above:Our stateroom was on B deck.
  2. any open platform suggesting an exposed deck of a ship.
  3. an open, unroofed porch or platform extending from a house or other building. Cf. sun deck.
  4. any level, tier, or vertical section, as of a structure or machine.
  5. See(def. 2).
  6. a flat or nearly flat watertight surface, as at the top of a French roof.
  7. a floor or roof surface composed of decking units.
  8. cloud deck. See
  9. a small packet of a narcotic, esp. heroin.
  10. a pack of playing cards.
  11. bank (def. 8).
  12. Also calledthe cover of a space behind the backseat of an automobile or the space itself.
  13. a level of book shelving and associated facilities in the stacks of a library, as one of a series of floors or tiers.
  14. See
  15. a cassette deck or tape deck.
    1. to prepare for combat, as by removing all unnecessary gear.
    2. to prepare for some activity or work, as by getting rid of hindrances.
    1. rise from bed.
    2. to fall, drop, or be knocked to the ground or floor.
    1. at bat; waiting one's turn to bat.
    2. in line; coming up; scheduled.
    3. Informal.prepared to act or work; ready.
  16. to be sane, rational, or reasonably intelligent: Whoever dreamed up this scheme wasn't playing with a full deck.
  17. See(def. 23).
  1. (of a bridge truss) having a deck or floor upon or above the structure. Cf. through (def. 23).
  1. to clothe or attire (people) or array (rooms, houses, etc.) in something ornamental or decorative (often fol. by out): We were all decked out in our Sunday best. The church was decked with holly for the holiday season.
  2. to furnish with a deck.
  3. to knock down; floor: The champion decked the challenger in the first round.
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