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Pronunciation: (krôs, kros), [key]
— n., v., adj., -er, -est.
  1. a structure consisting essentially of an upright and a transverse piece, upon which persons were formerly put to death.
  2. any object, figure, or mark resembling a cross, as two intersecting lines.
  3. a mark resembling a cross, usually an X, made instead of a signature by a person unable to write.
  4. the cross upon which Jesus died.
  5. a figure of the Cross as a Christian emblem, badge, etc.
  6. the Cross as the symbol of Christianity.
  7. a small cross with a human figure attached to it, as a representation of Jesus crucified; crucifix.
  8. a sign made with the right hand by tracing the figure of a cross in the air or by touching the foreheard, chest, and shoulders, as an act of devotion.
  9. a structure or monument in the form of a cross, set up for prayer, as a memorial, etc.
  10. any of various conventional representations or modifications of the Christian emblem used symbolically or for ornament, as in heraldry or art: a Latin cross; a Maltese cross.
  11. the crucifixion of Jesus as the culmination of His redemptive mission.
  12. any suffering endured for Jesus' sake.
  13. the teaching of redemption gained by Jesus' death.
  14. the Christian religion, or those who accept it; Christianity; Christendom.
  15. an opposition; thwarting; frustration.
  16. any misfortune; trouble.
  17. a crossing of animals or plants; a mixing of breeds.
  18. an animal, plant, breed, etc., produced by crossing; crossbreed.
  19. a person or thing that is intermediate in character between two others.
  20. a punch thrown across and over the lead of an opponent.
  21. a contest the result of which is dishonestly arranged beforehand.
  22. a crossing.
  23. a place of crossing.
  24. a four-way joint or connection.
  25. an actor's movement from one area of a stage to another.
  26. Also calledan arrangement for the simultaneous sale and purchase of a block of stock handled by a single broker.
  27. spider (def. 6b).
  28. (cap.)See
  29. to accept trials or troubles patiently.
  30. to make the vows of a crusader.
  1. to move, pass, or extend from one side to the other side of (a street, river, etc.).
  2. to put or draw (a line, lines, etc.) across.
  3. to cancel by marking with a cross or with a line or lines (often fol. by off or out).
  4. to mark with a cross.
  5. to lie or pass across; intersect.
  6. to meet and pass.
  7. to transport across something.
  8. to assist or guide (a person) across a street or intersection: The guard crossed the child at the traffic light.
  9. to place in the form of a cross or crosswise.
  10. to cause (members of different genera, species, breeds, varieties, or the like) to interbreed.
  11. to oppose openly; thwart; frustrate.
  12. to betray; double-cross.
  13. to make the sign of a cross upon or over, as in devotion: to cross oneself.
  14. to set (a yard) in proper position on a mast.
  15. to confront in a hostile manner.
  1. to lie or be athwart; intersect.
  2. to move, pass, or extend from one side or place to another: Cross at the intersection.
  3. to meet and pass.
  4. to interbreed.
  5. to move from one side of the stage to the other, esp. by passing downstage of another actor.
  6. See(def. 22).
  7. See(def. 21).
  8. See(def. 6).
  9. to cross over from jazz to rock.
    1. Biol.(of a chromosome segment) to undergo crossing over.
    2. to switch allegiance, as from one political party to another.
    3. to change successfully from one field of endeavor, genre, etc., to another:to cross over from jazz to rock.
    4. Also,cross over to the other die; pass away.
  10. See (def. 11).
  11. He crossed me up after we had agreed to tell the police the same story.
    1. to change arrangements made with; deceive:He crossed me up after we had agreed to tell the police the same story.
    2. to confuse:I was supposed to meet him at the station, but got crossed up.
  1. angry and annoyed; ill-humored; snappish: Don't be cross with me.
  2. lying or passing crosswise or across each other; athwart; transverse: cross timbers.
  3. involving a reciprocal action, interchange, or the like: a cross-endorsement of political candidates; cross-marketing of related services.
  4. contrary; opposite: They were at cross purposes with each other.
  5. adverse; unfavorable.
  6. crossbred; hybrid.


Pronunciation: (krôs, kros), [key]
  1. 1862–1948, U.S. educator: governor of Connecticut 1931–39.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. a combining form of
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