Meaning of cordon bleu

cor•don bleu

Pronunciation: (Fr. kôr-dôn blœ'), [key]
— pl. cor•dons bleus
  1. the sky-blue ribbon worn as a badge by knights of the highest order of French knighthood under the Bourbons.
  2. some similar high distinction.
  3. one entitled to wear the cordon bleu.
  4. any person of great distinction in a specific field, esp. a distinguished chef.
  5. (of a dish made with thin slices of veal, chicken, etc.) interlaid or stuffed with ham and cheese and then sautéed: chicken cordon bleu.


Pronunciation: (kôr"dn-bl', -don-), [key]
— n.
  1. any of several small African finches of the genus Uraeginthus, having pale blue and buff plumage and commonly kept as cage birds.
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