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Pronunciation: (kun-tin'y), [key]
— v., -ued, -u•ing.
  1. to go on after suspension or interruption: The program continued after an intermission.
  2. to go on or keep on, as in some course or action; extend: The road continues for three miles.
  3. to last or endure: The strike continued for two months.
  4. to remain in a particular state or capacity: The general agreed to continue in command of the army.
  5. to remain in a place; abide; stay: Let us continue in this house forever.
  1. to go on with or persist in: to continue an action.
  2. to carry on from the point of suspension or interruption: He continued the concert after the latecomers were seated.
  3. to extend from one point to another in space; prolong.
  4. to say in continuation.
  5. to cause to last or endure; maintain or retain, as in a position.
  6. to carry over, postpone, or adjourn; keep pending, as a legal proceeding.
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