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Pronunciation: (kun-tān'), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to hold or include within its volume or area: This glass contains water. This paddock contains our best horses.
  2. to be capable of holding; have capacity for: The room will contain 75 persons safely.
  3. to have as contents or constituent parts; comprise; include.
  4. to keep under proper control; restrain: He could not contain his amusement.
  5. to prevent or limit the expansion, influence, success, or advance of (a hostile nation, competitor, opposing force, natural disaster, etc.): to contain an epidemic.
  6. to succeed in preventing the spread of: efforts to contain water pollution.
  7. (of a number) to be a multiple of; be divisible by, without a remainder: Ten contains five.
  8. to be equal to: A quart contains two pints.
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