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Pronunciation: (kon"sun-trā'shun), [key]
— n.
  1. the act of concentrating; the state of being concentrated.
  2. exclusive attention to one object; close mental application.
  3. something concentrated: a concentration of stars.
    1. the assembling of military or naval forces in a particular area in preparation for further operations.
    2. a specified intensity and duration of artillery fire placed on a small area.
  4. the focusing of a student's academic program on advanced study in a specific subject or field.
  5. (in a solution) a measure of the amount of dissolved substance contained per unit of volume.
  6. a game in which all 52 cards are spread out face down on the table and each player in turn exposes two cards at a time and replaces them face down if they do not constitute a pair, the object being to take the most pairs by remembering the location of the cards previously exposed.
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