Meaning of clipper


Pronunciation: (klip'ur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person or thing that clips or cuts.
  2. Often, a cutting tool, esp. shears: hedge clippers.
  3. Usually, a mechanical or electric tool for cutting hair, fingernails, or the like: He told the barber, “No clippers on the sides, please.”
  4. Also calleda sailing ship built and rigged for speed, esp. a type of three-masted ship with a fast hull form and a lofty rig, built in the U.S. from c1845, and in Great Britain from a later date, until c1870, and used in trades in which speed was more important than cargo capacity.
  5. a device that gives output only for an input above or below a certain critical value.
  6. a person or thing that moves along swiftly.
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