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Pronunciation: (kan'un), [key]
— n., pl. v. -nons, -non,
  1. a mounted gun for firing heavy projectiles; a gun, howitzer, or mortar.
  2. quill (def. 10).
  3. a cylindrical or semicylindrical piece of plate armor for the upper arm or forearm; a vambrace or rerebrace.
  4. a round bit for a horse.
  5. the part of a bit that is in the horse's mouth.
  6. (on a bell) the metal loop by which a bell is hung.
    1. Seecannon bone.
    2. the part of the leg in which the cannon bone is situated. See diag. underhorse.
  7. a carom in billiards.
  8. a pickpocket.
  1. to discharge cannon.
  2. to make a carom in billiards.


Pronunciation: (kan'un), [key]
— n.
  1. 1863–1941, U.S. astronomer.
  2. (“Uncle Joe”), 1836–1926, U.S. politician and legislator.
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