Meaning of bulk


Pronunciation: (bulk), [key]
— n.
  1. magnitude in three dimensions: a ship of great bulk.
  2. the greater part; main mass or body: The bulk of the debt was paid.
  3. goods or cargo not in packages or boxes, usually transported in large volume, as grain, coal, or petroleum.
  4. fiber (def. 9).
  5. (of paper, cardboard, yarn, etc.) thickness, esp. in relation to weight.
  6. the body of a living creature.
  7. See
  8. Fresh orange juice is shipped from Florida in bulk.
    1. unpackaged:Fresh orange juice is shipped from Florida in bulk.
    2. in large quantities:Those who buy in bulk receive a discount.
  1. being or traded in bulk: bulk grain.
  1. to increase in size; expand; swell.
  2. to be of or give the appearance of great weight, size, or importance: The problem bulks large in his mind.
  3. (of paper, cardboard, yarn, etc.) to be of or to acquire a specific thickness, esp. in relation to weight.
  4. to gather, form, or mix into a cohesive or uniform mass.
  1. to cause to swell, grow, or increase in weight or thickness.
  2. to gather, bring together, or mix.
  3. to increase the bulk of, esp. by increasing the thickness of: Adding four chapters will bulk up the book.


Pronunciation: (bulk), [key]
— n. Archit.
  1. a structure, as a stall, projecting from the front of a building.
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