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Pronunciation: (bug), [key]
— n., v., bugged, bug•ging.
  1. Also calleda hemipterous insect.
  2. (loosely) any insect or insectlike invertebrate.
  3. any microorganism, esp. a virus: He was laid up for a week by an intestinal bug.
  4. a defect or imperfection, as in a mechanical device, computer program, or plan; glitch: The test flight discovered the bugs in the new plane.
  5. a hi-fi bug.
    1. a person who has a great enthusiasm for something; fan or hobbyist:a hi-fi bug.
    2. a craze or obsession:He's got the sports-car bug.
    1. a hidden microphone or other electronic eavesdropping device.
    2. any of various small mechanical or electrical gadgets, as one to influence a gambling device, give warning of an intruder, or indicate location.
  6. a mark, as an asterisk, that indicates a particular item, level, etc.
  7. the five-pound weight allowance that can be claimed by an apprentice jockey.
  8. a telegraph key that automatically transmits a series of dots when moved to one side and one dash when moved to the other.
  9. a joker that can be used only as an ace or as a wild card to fill a straight or a flush.
  10. a label printed on certain matter to indicate that it was produced by a union shop.
  11. any of various fishing plugs resembling an insect.
  12. a bedbug.
  13. to give someone a subtle suggestion; hint: We put a bug in his ear about a new gymnasium.


Pronunciation: (bug), [key]
— n. Obs.
  1. a bogy; hobgoblin.


Pronunciation: (bug Pol., Russ. b&oomacrk), [key]
— n.
  1. a river in E central Europe, rising in W Ukraine and forming part of the boundary between Poland and Ukraine, flowing NW to the Vistula River in Poland. 450 mi. (725 km) long.
  2. a river in SW Ukraine flowing SE to the Dnieper estuary. ab. 530 mi. (850 km) long.
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